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Speciality Building Services


Barn Conversion to Dwelling

This was also a listed building, overall the aim was to keep the external appearance as close as possible to the original, though the building was in a fairly dilapidated state the finished result turned out very well.

The original Barn

as we were starting the conversion

Inside was pretty basic

with a concrete floor

and it was pretty dated

originally it was pretty grotty inside

Some internal cracking was evident

Pretty bad cracking to the original walls

Particularly at the truss locations

serious cracking at the truss bearings

The trusses themselves were salvagable

but needed some replacment members, a lot of sanding and complete timber treatment, and then a crane to get them back into place.

Quite a bit had to be dismantled

at last time to start rebuilding

What we wanted to achieve

the plans

Then it started to go back together

All the stones were manhandled down to ground level, stacked in rows marked with the original locations and then rebuilt as original

New first floor in place

going up!

Up to wall plate level

Work progressing well

Roof going on

Soon we will have a watertight shell

Single storey section under way

Phase 2

Watertight shell

waiting for the doors and windows

Underfloor heating and floor slab

underfloor heating being installed

Shell complete

Rear elevation

Shell complete

Front Elevation

A little while later after landscaping

and decoration etc, more to follow soon.