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Speciality Building Services


Current Projects

Barn Conversion

We often seem to be working on projects which are a little unusual or a bit out of the ordinary, having just completed a timber framed extension in Hull we are just starting on another Barn Conversion near Wakefield. This existing building, whilst not a "listed building" is "of significant local interest", so the planning constraints are fairly similar. Having successfully obtained planning permission this existing structure (thought to be over 200 years old) was in a very dilapidated state. The use was formerly storage and it is intended to retain about 2/3 for that use, however it is proposed to convert 1/3 into a dwelling, which will no doubt produce a few interesting challenges along the way.

Phase 1, re-roofing the building is now complete. The original timber roof trusses and much of the timber structure was in good condition but it did involve replacing a fair bit of missing and rotten timber plus removing and properly disposing of the existing Asbestos roof sheeting covering about 50% of the structure. Once all that was complete all the timber work (old and new) was treated to to ensure longevity of the building. Whilst carrying out this phase the new rooflights to be incorporated in the dwelling were also installed. Presently we are working on obtaining Building Regulation approval and once that is in place we should proceed to Phase 2 which is constructing / converting the shell of the dwelling.

More to come over the next few months.

Existing Building

This roof slope had clay tiles, originally though it would have been stone

This is the section which will be converted to a dwelling

The old Brick piers have seen better days

and have previously been strengthened by adding block piers behind, the proposal is to try and put it back to a more original condition

Roof looking more up to date

Phase 1 just about complete

Much better than the previous Asbestos which has now been correctly disposed of.

Drawing of Existing Barn

The Building Regulation submission in almost ready, this is how it is to start with

Partially Completed 3D Image

Showing the construction as work proceeds, this drawing will also form part of the submission.