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Speciality Building Services


Drainage Field and Sewage Treatment

The requirement to register small domestic sewage discharges from septic tanks and small sewage treatment plants, has changed in England. The new requirements are still under review as of early 2012, and can be found by clicking HERE.

The design and installation of Septic Tanks, Sewage treatment plants and construction of Drainage Fields etc is covered in the Building Regulations (Part H2 - 2000/2002) and also BS6297 : 2007.

To start with it is necessary to determine if the ground is suitable, percolation tests need to be carried out as specified in the above documents, the results of these are then used to calculate the size of the drainage field required. We can carry out both the tests and calculations and submit them to Building Control as part of our services prior to installation / construction. 

Drainage Field under Construction

Ready for soil reinstatment

Treatment plant

Pumping Chamber, Control unit and distribution chamber in place

After the Landscaping is complete

You wouldn't know it was there.