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Speciality Building Services


This was house on a steep slope

It was 2 storey at the front and 3 storey at the back, the clients wanted an external area for entertaining off the lounge so we constructed this large raised timber deck which worked a treat

With a covered BBQ area underneath

Cellar Conversion

This was a very damp and dingy corner before we started

The same corner

after a complete cellar conversion which doubled the living space of this small terrace house providing a living area and a bedroom with en suite bathroom

This kitchen floor collapsed due to a water leak, it was so bad the whole kitchen had to be stripped out.

After 2 weeks of drying out we were able to start putting things back together.

About 3 weeks later the family had their kitchen back

I'm sure you'll agree it looks a in a lot better condition than the picture above.

Three storey extension - Before we started

The front porch was not part of our works and the small extension at the side was demolished to make room for the new one.

Well Under Construction

Shell Complete

Three storey extension and hip roof completed

Another raised patio

suspended concrete this time

With block pavers to finish the surface

And wide steps

as requested by the client

Storm Damage

High winds blew this Garden Wall over, it even made the local paper.

But we put it back together

the brick piers have steel reinforcing rods inside which are resin bonded to the wall foundations, it won't be blowing over again anytime soon.

This leaking drain caused cracking in the brickwork

Fairly simple to fix ........... or perhaps not !

Perhaps not as simple as it first appeared

The drain had been leaking for a long time and had softened the clay soil beneath the foundations, this was dug out and locally underpinned then the drain repaired and the brickwork re-pointed.

Another similar problem to above

This time the whole rear and side elevation required underpinning due to leaking drains.

Underpinning again

Shuttering in place to hold the concrete till it sets

Another similar problem to above

This time the whole rear and side elevation required underpinning due to leaking drains.

The gable wall of this house suffered very serious structural problems due to inadequate cement content in the mortar during the original construction, in addition the wall ties were badly corroded.

It was one of the worst examples we had ever seen,

the outer leaf of brickwork was dismantled and new Stainless Steel wall ties resin bonded to the inner leaf

Here you can see some of the new ties inserted and some of the old ones prior to removal, they are the better ones, some had rusted away completely.

The existing bricks were cleaned and reused to rebuild the wall Once complete it was a pretty good match.

And a few years later it had all blended in pretty well