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Speciality Building Services


We also carry out the standard day to day Building Works:-

Just a few pictures of the standard type of Building works we do as well.

French Doors

to replace old draughty patio doors. Personally I'm not a fan of Patio doors, they don't give lot of space to walk through, French doors are much better (my opinion).

The little chap in the bottom left corner did help us, which added a couple of hours to the job ............ but it was worth it.

Though it just goes to show all jobs can have complications, as you can see the old steps have been removed and they covered one of the air bricks ventilating the underfloor void, not a good idea at all as it can lead to all sorts of problems, the steps will be rebuilt but they will be suspended, not solid to allow proper ventilation.

Brick Fireplace

A client wanted to know how a brick fireplace would look; so we produced a 3D image to show them.

Fireplace under construction

And here it is almost complete, a little smaller than shown on the drawing but a very happy client