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Speciality Building Services


Stone Lintel Replacment

This property had a broken stone lintel due to removal of the mullions and installation of a large picture window in the past; some time after that new mullions and windows had been re-installed but that still left the cracked lintel. Investigation revealed the lintel to weigh half a ton (500kg). The location of the property meant we were unable to use any plant or machinery, everything had to be done by hand.

Original Lintel

The crack is visible near the right hand mullion

Structural Scaffold

The scaffold had to be capable of supporting the front elevation whilst the lintel was changed and also to be used as a working platform, the old lintel was lowered onto rollers on the scaffold and slid out, it then had to be cut into smaller pieces to enable it to be manhandled to ground level.

Work in Progress

A reinforced concrete stone faced lintel was made and lifted into place to support the outer leaf and a steel beam inserted to support the inner leaf, using 2 lintels meant it was possible to lift them into place by hand

New Lintel in place

Complete externally


Together with redecoration the ornate coving had to be matched at each side of the opening